Home Seller’s Mistake #4 – 20% Won’t Make Repairs!


Remember how you prepared for a job interview.  Best suit, ironed shirt, new nylons, shined shoes, haircut, nails done, etc.  Why?  Obviously, you wanted to make the best impression so you’d get hired.  You essentially were a commodity.  You needed to make sure that the interviewer got the opportunity to see you at your best.  You were selling yourself!

Well, selling your home is like interviewing for that job.  You really have to think of it this way.

When you list your property to sell, the real estate industry no longer looks at it as a home, but rather as a commodity, a product, that needs to compete with all of the other products similar to it that are presently on the market.

You wouldn’t go on that interview with your hair askew and stains on your clothes.

It’s just common sense that making repairs to your property will give you the opportunity to become a viable competitor in your market and attract the best buyers.

It may only take a few hundred or couple of thousand dollars for you to attract the best buyer at the best price.  Remember; in order to make money you have to spend money.

Ever sell a car?  Did you clean it up first? Why?  Best buyer – best price!

So, make a list and just get it done!

Next week we’ll talk about:  Oh No! Unpleasant Odors!

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Seller’s Mistake Number 2: If they can’t see it – they can’t buy it!


“Time is of the Essence” is not just a clever phrase.  In real estate, it is the action term that sellers need to understand threads through every aspect of the sale of their property from the signing of the listing agreement to the closing.  So; why is it that “34% of seller’s make it difficult for their realtor® to schedule showings or open houses?”

Hopefully I can help the situation.

Sellers, as soon as you sign your listing agreement your “home” is submitted into MLS and is available for buyers and realtors® to see.  Your “home” is no longer referred to as Continue reading

Professional Courtesy in the Real Estate Industry

Okay, have you ever had any of these experiences:

  • Have an offer to present and the listing agent doesn’t return my calls.
  • Faxed an offer over to the listing agent and I can’t get them to respond back.
  • Buyer agent had a showing on one of my listings and they don’t return my call asking for feedback.
  • …and the list goes on!

Agents frequently ask me how to overcome the above frustrations with co-broke agents and not only agents in other companies, but in their own offices.  Are you kidding!  On top of it agents aren’t paying attention Continue reading

“Another Agent Said They’d List Our House for More”

Here’s another entry for the Sellers out there.

If you ever hear yourself saying, “Another agent said they’d list our home at a higher price,” I want you to stop for a moment.  Let’s make sure you understand what you are saying.  Your selection of a listing agent is going to be based on the listing price they are willing to accept versus the best agent to get your home sold.

Hmmm.  Well, let me share something with you.  I recently asked a very large group of real estate agents why Continue reading

Why you should not become a For Sale By Owner

The greatest disservice that you, as a seller, can do to yourself in selling your home is to try to sell it as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO).

Here are just a few things to think about:

  • Everyone, including agents, knows that you interviewed a few agents to get their opinion as to what listing price you should consider when listing your home.
  • Everyone knows that you didn’t deduct the real estate fee (that amount you are trying to save by doing it yourself), which was included in all the agents’ pricing proposals, prior to you putting your property on the market.
  • In the event that an offer is received, FSBO sellers typically Continue reading

Do you know the “5” Pushbacks from Sellers and how to overcome them?

Here is my topic list for a listing presentation in the order in which I present them to the sellers:

  1. Price
  2. Real Estate Fee
  3. Terms
  4. Appointments with other agents
  5. Family members in real estate

If you put together a powerful listing presentation addressing these 5 topics you then have a better chance of securing a listing agreement.

But, of course, every seller is going Continue reading

When Callers Expect You To “Drop and Run”

I’ve gotten a few emails from people asking for a little more detail on how NOT to let buyers run their business.  So, here you go…

Opportunities for agents to teach buyers the difference between them and their competition are presented all of the time.  The problem is that most agents don’t recognize the opportunities nor do they know how to take advantage of them.

So, here’s one of the ideas that may help you take Continue reading

Recruiting and Retention – The Foundations of a Real Estate Company

In reflecting on real estate topics for which I have an opinion (and there are many!), recruiting and retention seem to be popping up more and more during my discussions with owners.

Today I want to talk about Recruiting.

It’s obviously easier for someone outside of the “fish bowl” to see more clearly some of the stumbling blocks and frustrations you may encounter for coming up with an effective, refreshing and results oriented recruiting and retention campaign.

So, I thought I’d share a couple of insights from outside the “fish bowl”.

Here are a couple of questions Continue reading

How Do You Structure Your Listing Presentation?

If your listing presentation is a “dog and pony show” you are so behind the times.  What do I mean by “dog and pony show?” If your presentation starts out with bragging about you and your company; that’s a dog and pony show presentation.

Keep the presentation focused on why they called.  Did they ask for someone to come over and talk about themselves or was it more like “I want someone to tell me what my house is worth.”

So, what are you to do?  Simple … Continue reading