Biggest Home Seller Mistakes – #3

28% of Home Sellers

 “WON’T ADDRESS” Unpleasant Odors In Their Home*

*Source: Active Rain poll,


Real Estate agents are challenged every day with having to address some of the following with sellers:

  • We know you have a cat or dog because we can smell them as soon as we step into your home!
  • We know someone smokes in your home because we can smell it as soon as you open the door (even if the person who smokes is not home)!
  • We know that you’re a great cook because we can smell the garlic, curry, onions, cabbage etc. that you used last night to make your dinner!

…and so can the buyers!

Lots of folks have allergies to PET dander, along with fear of dogs and cats.  I am not asking you to get rid of your pets, however; here are a couple of pet control suggestions:

  • Before you put your home on the market get the carpets, drapes and furniture cleaned by professionals.  Make sure you tell them you want them to specifically address pet dander and odors.
  • Next keep that litter box super clean.  Maybe every other day change the litter.  Yes, it may be an additional expense, but in the long run it will pay off.
  • Bathe your pets more frequently and keep them brushed.
  • Vacuum every day.  Don’t just cover-up one odor with another.  Things like candles, sprays, potpourri etc. can be equally nauseating to folks who have a high sensitivity to perfumes.

Smokers, I know you have a right to do whatever you want to do, it’s your home.

However; you are now offering your house to someone else.  It is your job to make that house as appealing and attractive to them as possible.  They will not buy the results of your smoking habit.

  • Go outside to smoke…way outside!  …and when you move into your next home you might think about how to protect your investment for the next sale.
  • Follow the same steps for clearing the air as suggested for removing pet odors.

Love a great Cook!  Especially, those spicy ethnic dishes!  I wouldn’t dare suggest that you change your menu to reflect bland dishes.  However, pungent food aromas can be very distracting to a potential buyer and potentially cause them to eliminate your home for their lists of choices.

Food Odor Remover Recipe:

The Ingredients:

–crock pot  (small)
–baking soda (for small Little Dipper crock-pot 3 T)
The Directions:

Pour water into the crockpot you are going to use. Add baking soda. Mix. Plug it in and turn to low (the Little Dipper and some of the small ones don’t have settings, they just plug in). Keep the lid off.

Let the baking soda do the job of soaking up unpleasant odors.

Take a deep breath and enjoy!

Please keep this in mind.  Your real estate agent certainly doesn’t want to offend you.  They are there to help you get the job done.  The quicker you address the issues, the sooner you’ll get you home sold.



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