When Callers Expect You To “Drop and Run”

I’ve gotten a few emails from people asking for a little more detail on how NOT to let buyers run their business.  So, here you go…

Opportunities for agents to teach buyers the difference between them and their competition are presented all of the time.  The problem is that most agents don’t recognize the opportunities nor do they know how to take advantage of them.

So, here’s one of the ideas that may help you take control of your business as a true real estate entrepreneur.

First, you must always have a mindset that when you are on duty time (up time, floor time, whatever you call it) a buyer at any given moment will want you to show them a house.  They’ll call and say that they are sitting in front of a listing and want to see it now or they are on the internet and want to meet you there.  Well, there are two approaches.  You can react like most agents and DROP whatever you’re doing AND RUN to meet the caller OR you can choose to take control of the situation.

So are a few suggestions on how to stay in control of your potential buyer clients:

  • Get their contact information… name, e-mail address and cell phone.
  • Ask if they can receive e-mails from their cell phone.  Why?  To learn if there is a possibility of e-mailing them additional listings.
  • Let them know that you would be happy to show them the property, however arrangements need to be made with the seller first.
  • In the meantime, find out if the property fits their needs, wants and price range.
  • If they are in front of a property tell them the price and ask if it’s comfortable for them.  If not, ask what price range they have they been approved for and that you have properties similar in their price range that you can e-mail to them now (cell phone permitting).
  • If the answer is yes, then suggest that you check to make sure the floor plan meets their needs so that they are not looking at houses that don’t fit.
  • If they are on the internet let them know that you have other properties available that are similar and you would be happy to e-mail them the listings while they are on the phone so that they can maximize their time with you and see the options available to them.
  • Let the buyer know that you have an organized plan that has helped get your clients into their home of choice faster.

How do you do that?

By putting together a very detailed plan that documents all of their likes and dislikes, you maximize their time with you.  It is by tracking the changes they have made to the original description of the home that allows you to get them to their home of choice faster.

You are not going to close every buyer…that’s just the way it is.  Real Estate is a numbers game.  So, if you know exactly how many buyer sides you need to close to achieve your financial goal for the year, then you will come to realize that you don’t have to work with every buyer.  You just need to be willing to look objectively at the buyer and determine who is serious, respects what you do, is willing to sign a buyer agreement, and is motivated to buy.

The world of buyers can be very dramatic.  Buying a home is an extremely emotional process.  However; the agent that has a plan, educates the buyer about the process and communicates to them that by working with you they will have a stress-free buying experience is the agent who will achieve the buyer sides needed to have a successful and profitable year.

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