Excuses Sellers Give For Not Wanting to Stage Their Home

Seller:   It costs too much money. 

Response:  I have never seen a home where the staging costs would have exceeded the first price reduction.  And that doesn’t even factor in the monthly carrying cost of the home.

Seller:  We can’t stage the house; we’re still living in it. 

Response:  A common misconception is that staging is only for vacant homes.  Every home/condo can be staged, and you can actually live in it after staging.

Seller:  We didn’t have to stage any of the other properties we sold over the years. 

Response:  Yes, once upon a time you could generate three offers by 5 p.m. on the same day your Realtor put the For Sale sign in your yard.  Not now.  Buyers are picky and they have a lot of homes to choose from.

Seller:  Everyone loves our house and buyers will love it too.

Response:  What you, your friends and relatives love about your house may not be what is important to the potential buyer.  Sellers are often baffled by the feedback they get after showings — amazed that buyers have found things they don’t like about the property.

Seller:  We can clean the carpets and de-clutter without someone telling us how. 

Response:  Yes, you can (and should) do this, but it is a tiny piece of staging.  Do you know what differentiates ”clutter” from “asset”?  Do you know all the factors that are considered when staging a property?  Professional Stagers consider how easy is it to maneuver though the property, the importance of highlighting architectural features, updating, and appealing to your target market and so much more.

Seller:  We have no desire to remove/change our (wallpaper/mirrored tile/gold faucets/paneling/dated light fixtures . . .) 

Response:  Unfortunately, buyers feel the same way that you do.  They want to move into their new home without having to redo anything.  You absolutely do not have to change anything.  However; be prepared to receive discounted offers.

Seller:  The view alone will sell this place. 

Response:  Granted the view is enticing.  However,buyers aren’t just buying a view.  They expect to buy the whole package, a home that is up-to-date and in move-in condition.  If they are only getting a view their offers will reflect their message.

Seller:  We would rather let the buyers makes their own paint/flooring choices. 

Response:  And that equals a price reduction.  If buyers did consider an offer on your home, they would typically take into consideration the cost of these items and reflect the cost in their discounted offer price.

Seller:  Our home is professionally decorated. 

Response:  A professionally decorated home is tailored to the owner’s particular needs, likes, and wants.  Staging is about de-personalizing a property and creating a neutral environment so that the buyer is not distracted.  It’s like looking at a blank canvass and knowing that you can create to your personal tastes.

Using these excuses as a seller sets you up for —

  • price reductions
  • extended time on the market
  • buyers eliminating your home before they see it in person
  • buyers not coming back for a second look if they do see it in person
  • buyers using your home to justify buying your another sellers’ home

There are dozens of excuses you can come up with for not staging, but only one good reason to stage — to get your home sold faster for the highest possible price.  Staging is preparing your home for sale and creating a home that buyers want to buy.  If you want to be in the best competitive position in this market today, ask your real estate professional about professional staging. TODAY!

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