Professional Courtesy in the Real Estate Industry

Okay, have you ever had any of these experiences:

  • Have an offer to present and the listing agent doesn’t return my calls.
  • Faxed an offer over to the listing agent and I can’t get them to respond back.
  • Buyer agent had a showing on one of my listings and they don’t return my call asking for feedback.
  • …and the list goes on!

Agents frequently ask me how to overcome the above frustrations with co-broke agents and not only agents in other companies, but in their own offices.  Are you kidding!  On top of it agents aren’t paying attention to contingency dates.  What is going on?

I think it’s about ego, lack of respect from everyone involved and unfortunately, greedy people!

I believe that when real estate agents allow their egos and greed to determine how they are going to “co-broke=cooperate=work” with other agents they are violating their fiduciary responsibility to their clients and they obviously lack professionalism.  I would like to fire all of them.

Sellers and buyers have the right to expect, that their agents are working in THEIR best interest, not what is in the best of their agent.

Seller’s deserve to know about all offers.

  • Buyer Agents should encourage their buyers to submit unencumbered offers.
  • Agents should remind their clients that Time is of the Essence.

They should encourage their clients to respond as quickly as possible.

  •  Both agents should maintain and environment of amicable negotiations.

Sounds like a great idea!

Agents who don’t cooperate with their peers are violating their fiduciary relationship with their clients.

Remember:  COALD – Confidentiality-Obedience-Accountable-Loyalty-Disclosure and Reasonable Care

Co-Broke  is not just about the structure of commissions.

Co-Broke also means Co-Operating : To work together or share profits.

So; real estate community do you now wonder why the consumer has less than the utmost respect for our profession?

Here’s my answer.  Be the example.  Don’t tolerate unprofessionalism.  Demand that your peers live up to the standards of the NAR Code of Ethics.  You and only you can create change.  Do it NOW!

If you chose not to do anything then you are part of the problem.

Please share your opinions, ideas and questions.

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