Home Seller’s Mistake #4 – 20% Won’t Make Repairs!


Remember how you prepared for a job interview.  Best suit, ironed shirt, new nylons, shined shoes, haircut, nails done, etc.  Why?  Obviously, you wanted to make the best impression so you’d get hired.  You essentially were a commodity.  You needed to make sure that the interviewer got the opportunity to see you at your best.  You were selling yourself!

Well, selling your home is like interviewing for that job.  You really have to think of it this way.

When you list your property to sell, the real estate industry no longer looks at it as a home, but rather as a commodity, a product, that needs to compete with all of the other products similar to it that are presently on the market.

You wouldn’t go on that interview with your hair askew and stains on your clothes.

It’s just common sense that making repairs to your property will give you the opportunity to become a viable competitor in your market and attract the best buyers.

It may only take a few hundred or couple of thousand dollars for you to attract the best buyer at the best price.  Remember; in order to make money you have to spend money.

Ever sell a car?  Did you clean it up first? Why?  Best buyer – best price!

So, make a list and just get it done!

Next week we’ll talk about:  Oh No! Unpleasant Odors!

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