Biggest Home Seller Mistakes – #3

28% of Home Sellers

 “WON’T ADDRESS” Unpleasant Odors In Their Home*

*Source: Active Rain poll,


Real Estate agents are challenged every day with having to address some of the following with sellers:

  • We know you have a cat or dog because we can smell them as soon as we step into your home!
  • We know someone smokes in your home because we can smell it as soon as you open the door (even if the person who smokes is not home)!
  • We know that you’re a great cook because we can smell the garlic, curry, onions, cabbage etc. that you used last night to make your dinner!

…and so can the buyers!

Lots of folks have allergies to PET dander, along with Continue reading

Seller’s Mistake Number 2: If they can’t see it – they can’t buy it!


“Time is of the Essence” is not just a clever phrase.  In real estate, it is the action term that sellers need to understand threads through every aspect of the sale of their property from the signing of the listing agreement to the closing.  So; why is it that “34% of seller’s make it difficult for their realtor® to schedule showings or open houses?”

Hopefully I can help the situation.

Sellers, as soon as you sign your listing agreement your “home” is submitted into MLS and is available for buyers and realtors® to see.  Your “home” is no longer referred to as Continue reading