Biggest Home-sellers Mistake #5 – Being Unwilling to Negotiate


Let’s address a major misnomer in real estate; not just by consumers, but also real estate agents!

Real estate agents DO NOT negotiate on your behalf. Unfortunately, you will hear a lot of real estate agents brag about their “negotiating” skills. So, let’s clear up the confusion.

Here is my definition of what I do as a real estate agent:

“As a real estate professional I provide buyers and sellers with factual information so that they can Continue reading

Hello World!

Have you ever experienced one of those moments when you feel, “Oh, my gosh this could be huge!”?  Well, today is one of those moments.

In a recent “think tank” discussion with my team I asked them,  “Why should I spend my valuable time blogging?  I know that blogging is one of the decade’s new buzzwords, but you all know how I feel about just chatting for the the sake of chatting.  So, why should I blog and furthermore what the heck am I going to say?”  Well, after they regained their composure they in unison declared, “Are you kidding!?  When were you ever at a loss for Continue reading