When Clients (Sellers or Buyers) Want You to Negotiate YOUR Fee to Seal THEIR Deal!

I’ve talked about agents caving in when clients suggest that the agent cut their fees so that the deal can go forward.

However, I continue to get asked by agents how to best address this issue.

Let’s start with your listing agreement. I can’t speak to all listing agreements, but I do believe that most have specific terms for the role of the broker/agent regarding payment of the real estate fee.

The language indicating the terms under which the seller is willing to pay you is: Continue reading

Biggest Home Seller Mistakes – #3

28% of Home Sellers

 “WON’T ADDRESS” Unpleasant Odors In Their Home*

*Source: Active Rain poll, www.activerain.com


Real Estate agents are challenged every day with having to address some of the following with sellers:

  • We know you have a cat or dog because we can smell them as soon as we step into your home!
  • We know someone smokes in your home because we can smell it as soon as you open the door (even if the person who smokes is not home)!
  • We know that you’re a great cook because we can smell the garlic, curry, onions, cabbage etc. that you used last night to make your dinner!

…and so can the buyers!

Lots of folks have allergies to PET dander, along with Continue reading

Home Seller’s Mistake #4 – 20% Won’t Make Repairs!


Remember how you prepared for a job interview.  Best suit, ironed shirt, new nylons, shined shoes, haircut, nails done, etc.  Why?  Obviously, you wanted to make the best impression so you’d get hired.  You essentially were a commodity.  You needed to make sure that the interviewer got the opportunity to see you at your best.  You were selling yourself!

Well, selling your home is like interviewing for that job.  You really have to think of it this way.

When you list your property to sell, Continue reading

Seller’s Mistake Number 2: If they can’t see it – they can’t buy it!


“Time is of the Essence” is not just a clever phrase.  In real estate, it is the action term that sellers need to understand threads through every aspect of the sale of their property from the signing of the listing agreement to the closing.  So; why is it that “34% of seller’s make it difficult for their realtor® to schedule showings or open houses?”

Hopefully I can help the situation.

Sellers, as soon as you sign your listing agreement your “home” is submitted into MLS and is available for buyers and realtors® to see.  Your “home” is no longer referred to as Continue reading

Do you know the “5” Pushbacks from Sellers and how to overcome them?

Here is my topic list for a listing presentation in the order in which I present them to the sellers:

  1. Price
  2. Real Estate Fee
  3. Terms
  4. Appointments with other agents
  5. Family members in real estate

If you put together a powerful listing presentation addressing these 5 topics you then have a better chance of securing a listing agreement.

But, of course, every seller is going Continue reading

Excuses Sellers Give For Not Wanting to Stage Their Home

Seller:   It costs too much money. 

Response:  I have never seen a home where the staging costs would have exceeded the first price reduction.  And that doesn’t even factor in the monthly carrying cost of the home.

Seller:  We can’t stage the house; we’re still living in it. 

Response:  A common misconception is that staging is only for vacant homes.  Every home/condo can be staged, and you can actually live in it after staging.

Seller:  We didn’t have to stage any of the other properties we sold over the years. 

Response:  Yes, once upon a time you could generate three offers by 5 p.m. on the same day your Realtor Continue reading

Who is running your business?

The phone rings in a real estate office and before you know it the duty agent is running out the door to show a property.  Now, mind you the agent has never met the person on the other end of the call.  All the agent knows is that the person is breathing and wants to look at a specific house NOW!  Of course, when the agent arrives they learn that the house is priced beyond the potential price range of the so-called buyer.  Moreover, the buyer has not been pre-approved and they don’t want to schedule an appointment to look at other houses.  However, they do want the agent to send them listing updates.  What price range?  Oh, between $400,000.00 and $700,000.00 even though they have not been Continue reading