Training versus Performance

We often hear about what great training various companies offer their real estate agents. So I guess one can conclude that if an agent receives great training their performance will be outstanding, right?

WRONG! Oh so wrong. As a real estate trainer and performance coach I sadly say it isn’t necessarily so.

Here is an explanation I heard a long time ago of the difference between an intellectual person and an intelligent person:

An intellectual person reads a book, closes the book and has enjoyed the book. An intelligent person reads the same book, closes the book and then applies what they’ve learned.

See the difference?

Training is the “how to” and performance is the result of your practice and effort. Unfortunately, in business we find that if training is not supported by accountability then performance will be lacking.

Is it the fault of the trainee? In some cases I’d say yes. However, my experience tells me that if the trainee is left on their own to figure it out and is expected to stay accountable to their goals without strong productivity support, the odds are they will fail at performance.

So, the question to all of you real estate agents is: “What kind of performance support does your company offer to help you achieve your goals for your ultimate success?”

Just asking!

Suzanne, welcomes your comments and opinions.

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